Arjun & Padmini’s Experience With Gordon’s


Meet Arjun and Padmini, clients of Gordon’s Estate Services

“We waited a long time to do this thing, we had been procrastinating because we had a 5 bedroom and lived there for 36 years and you accumulate a lot of things. It was scary to actually go through all of the things and decide what to take and what not to take, and that’s why you postpone for as long as possible. But, the time comes when you have to move, so we decided to move. It was a good decision.”

Aging Without Children


Ann Logan and her three sisters grew up in Delaware; none of them have children. Their stepbrother and seven first cousins on both sides are childless, as well. “Each of us had different reasons,” she told me.

Ms. Logan, the eldest sister at 63, doesn’t regret her decision not to be a parent, but she does worry about the future as she and her relatives all age.

6 Benefits of Using a Senior Move Manager

Nicky Breeze,

6 Benefits of Using a Senior Move Manager to Move Your Aging Parents

Moving can be a stressful ordeal, but when you are an adult child moving your senior parent from one home to another, there is an added layer of complexity. Who will lead the charge on downsizing?  Who will coordinate an estate sale? Who will deal with the sale of the home? More importantly, who will make sure that Mom and/or Dad and their lifetime of possessions are being treated with respect and dignity? The National Association of Senior Move Managers is the answer.

Downsizing Simplifies Retirement


When working life is over, smaller can often be a better option.

As you head into retirement, where you choose to live will be one of the biggest decisions you make.

The vast majority of retirees will opt to stay in their existing homes for as long as possible but others are considering an array of choices. These can include downsizing, shifting to a favourite holiday location or even moving in with family members.

I Think My Mom Should Live in a Nursing Home. How Do I Broach the Subject?

Nicky Breeze,


We would like to preface this article by saying that it is critical that your parent’s views are heard. As long as they are still competent, they are the ones who must make the choice and remain in control. Everyone wants the best for their parent, but your version of ‘the best’ may be different from theirs. Offer as much love and support as you can, but understand that decisions about your parent’s life must always remain their decision.