Are You Ready to Downsize?

Barry Gordon,

A TD Canada Trust Boomer Buyer study recently reported that 86% of all Ontario Baby Boomers say their next move will be to a smaller home.

Downsizing can make dollars and sense, but the decision to downsize can be daunting.

How do you know if it’s the right time to make a move?

Start by asking yourself these questions: Do you…

  • Have substantial equity in your home that could be generating income for you? For example, if you sold your home, would the dollars it brings help you live more comfortably elsewhere?
  • Have vacant or unused rooms in your home?
  • Have health issues that make your present home more difficult to live in? Are the stairs just too hard to climb or is the laundry in the basement inconvenient now?
  • Find your present home more than you want to manage with the lawn, the gardens, the snow shovelling, maintenance and upkeep?

What is Transition Management?

Barry Gordon,

Transition Management is a professional service that helps you carry out your plans to move, from start to finish. It’s an all-in-one service that allows those who are ready to move and downsize focus on what matters – settling into a new living space.

Whether it’s helping you buy or sell a home, dispose of surplus household items through auction or storage, or packing and moving, Transition Specialists ensure the process is not only smooth, but strategic.

Our Transition Specialists will:

Asking for Help

Barry Gordon,

Facing any move can be overwhelming, and generally requires support – a lot of it. Most of us struggle with the challenge of too much to do and not enough time to do it. Sorting, cleaning, and packing up a house is a full time job. But what about prepping it for sale, getting an agent, deciding on a new residence, and preparing your home to maximize its return? It cannot be done by one person alone, but who’s out there to help? Who’s offered to help and how much is too much to ask?

Friends and family will be ready and willing to roll up their sleeves to help, because they want to. But are they as able and available as you need them to be? It is important to find balance between the tasks at hand and realistic expectations for support, without negatively affecting your relationship with friends and relatives as well as their own lives.

Wondering How much is too much to ask?


  • Commute Time: Do they live close by? Maybe a couple hours in the evening would fit. If they live a long drive away, it might be best to host them for a weekend of helping.