Art’s Experience – “It made life easy”


Meet Art Russell, a client of Gordon’s Estate Services. Watch the video below to hear his story!

My name is Art Russell and I always thought that Gordon’s were really great to us. They moved us into this apartment, the set up the furniture, they did everything we wanted to do, but what really impressed me was: when they did the china cabinet, they took pictures of every shelf and they put it all back the way it was when we moved into the building. That was one of the things that really impressed me.

They sold all my other stuff that I didn’t think would bring any money and it ended up bringing quite a bit. And they sold my house within three weeks. Because of what they do, with the downsizing and the handling of everything; they promote that, and they really carry it out, I have to say.

I’d say call Gordon’s, they handle everything. They make it easy. They make life easy. I didn’t have to do anything really.

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